Our Vision

Our vision is to create a sustianable school for the children of roluos. both the Building and curriculum design feed off eachother to encourage a lasting learning experience.

An eco-friendly and highly versatile outdoor classroom at EGBOK Mission in Siem Reap. Only takes a few minutes to set up, move around or stow away.

Our Approach


Community & Environment

Involve parents, children and Chief of Village to ensure that students attend class

Focus on local resources and skillsets

Create an environment where students, as well as local community members, can come and learn


Learning & Training

Create a schooling system that builds on the public schooling system

Bring in qualified volunteers to train local teachers 

Design a curriculum that focuses on English and acquiring life skills

Incorporate sustainability and other environmental issues into the teaching plan


Quality & Longevity 

Engage with like-minded NGOs and businesses in the region to create a fruitful network 

Teach children to teach their families 

Ensure quality teaching through smaller class sizes 


Our architectural vision and approach will be shared on this page soon.