Sarou was born and raised in Roluos, where his family still lives today. He was one of only two students that completed a secondary education in town, where he then stayed on to become a state teacher. A couple years later, Sarou switched careers and has since then worked in the travel and tourism industry, guiding people across Southeast Asia. When he is not working, he spends his time with his wife and two sons in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


“When I go home to visit my village, I feel like people look poorer than before because parents do not care about sending their kids to school – it is also harder for rural families to pay for their children’s education. I inherited land from my father that I would like to donate to support the villagers in learning English and other life skills. I really want to see kids get better education so they can study hard, follow their dreams and teach their parents, brothers and sisters to help the community as a whole.” 


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Eunoia e.V. was established in Munich, Germany, with the vision to support international projects centred around education, which help children create a bright future for themselves and society.

Natascha and Hannah, the founders of Eunoia e.V., firmly believes that community-centric education is a vital ingredient for a successful future.