Our Story

Traveling across Cambodia in January 2016, Natascha met Sarou, a local Cambodian working as a tour guide for a sustainable travel company. Sarou told Natascha about his dream to build a school and thus introduce a better education system for the children of Roluos, his hometown. His family owns enough land for the project but doesn’t have the funds to make use of it.

Plot of land neighboring the property on which the school will be built. Since this area used to be a river, we aim to clean and revitalize the premises with the help of the Rolous villagers, so that the nature can return to its original state in the long run.

After Natascha arrived back in Germany, she spoke to family and friends and quickly realized that she couldn’t not help. Her passion and vigour inspired the talented architects Greg Melitonov and Ines Guzman from Taller KEN, as well as Hannah, an old school friend of Natascha’s to join forces and create a concept together with Sarou.

Fast forward to June 2017, the team traveled back to Siem Reap to meet Sarou, evaluate his family’s land and talk to the community. The visit was successful and Roots Cambodia was born.

We aim to start building the school and community space in 2018, hoping to finish construction within four months. Of course, our efforts will not end there since Roots Cambodia will continue to be backed and run with your donations for decades to come.