End of Year Update.

Dear Supporters,

We've added a new, very important page to our website that we would like to share with you: Our Teachers. It introduces our three incredible teachers that are volunteering their spare time after work to provide our kids with free English lessons. 

The lessons take place in the afternoons and evenings during the week and have been split into proficiency levels to ensure the kids are at the same learning level. 

Our teachers take attendance regularly to ensure the students and their parents take showing up to the lessons seriously. Thanks to a generous laptop donation from a donor in Germany, one of our teachers is now able to take attendance electronically. This makes it easier for the teacher to track the students, whilst creating an overview that can quickly be shared with the rest of the team. Thank you for your kind donation. 

We would love to provide the other two teachers with the same privilege and would be delighted to receive two more laptops that you may have laying around in the basement and no longer need. Drop us an email if you'd like to help. 

On behalf of Sarou, we would also like to thank you all for your ongoing donations via GoFundMe. Sarou's most recent purchase from these funds was a bathroom for the children to use during study time, as well as for tourists and visitors to use when passing through the village. 

Sarou is currently in talks with the building authorities to grant us a building permit for the land we will be creating the school campus on. At the moment classes are taking place at the local rest house while we await official approval. Ideally, we would like to be building around this time next year. Due to flooding during rainy seasons, we are limited to building during dry season, which starts in October and runs through April. 

We look forward to sharing our architectural plans, school curriculum and many more details with you in the new year! Thank you so much for your endless support over the past months. We can't wait to turn Sarou's dream into an even more tangible reality. 


Hannah & Natascha


Natascha Rupp